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Reading: zhuang hotel experience "authentic" residential life

Date: 2015-01-13

Beijing micro siheyuan hotel zhuang reading?Located at Beijing dongdan commercial grabbing four, Beijing siheyuan key protection area, adjacent to the four northeastern of dongdan subway station, wangfujing street, the national gallery zhichizhiyao, the transportation is convenient.Read the courtyard hotel zhuang for the traditional Chinese style into the courtyard courtyard, on the basis of the original unique courtyard architecture design, both inside and outside decoration all adopt the traditional manual coloured drawing or pattern, furnishing part bright type hardwood furniture, and matches by the Chinese calligraphy and painting, antiques, and various handicraft decoration.
In addition to the fusion of east and west, north and south of China style is unified in the micro reading zhuang courtyard hotel in decorating.In north with rich characteristics of the room, "kang" between a house and a half, the stone carve patterns or designs on woodwork is embedded with has been gloriously enrolled on the wall, delicate and exquisite.And compared to the north of furniture is simple and easy, bought the room from jiangsu and zhejiang area of furniture, for the most part, with the carve of heavy and complicated, or blessing ShouXi, or five sub-ka, expression of auspicious patterns.