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Ecstasy RUMI Iran restaurant taste art breath

Date: 2014-09-12

Beijing's only an Iranian restaurant "ecstasy", is located in sanlitun zhaolong hotel opposite, is the most eastern end of the Arab restaurant workers stadium east road."RUMI" Iran's 13th century sufi poet's successor, the owner of the restaurant for his art is extremely preference, restaurant and hence the name.Please follow me to go to "RUMI" here, feel some kind of unique artistic breath here.
"Ecstasy" Iran's 13th century sufi poet's successor, the owner of the restaurant in his works is very preference, restaurant, hence the name.Restaurants operating authentic Iran dishes.Iran is belong to the Middle East region, but Iran dishes from Arabia and unique.So far, Iran restaurant in Beijing, only this one.
Persian cooking art has a long history of 3500, to India, Turkey and the Mediterranean cooking art had a profound impact.Persian cuisine specialty is exquisite fresh quality raw materials, a light, delicate condiment, smell nice.Combined with a variety of spices and vinegar to taste, making delicacies unique exotic flavor, unique taste.
Persian cuisine, the practice of a variety of beef, from India to the European medieval and Renaissance court dishes, you can see its shadow.Modern Iran dishes perfectly diet fashion in today's people the pursuit of light.Often walk the street, every time after all can't help looking back, the good luck is the name, attract addicted;The good luck be with a white, in this bustling float world draw get addicted;Only by those foreign diners in the French window, and look into the mystery.