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"APEC summit to mention blue" is very honest

Date: 2014-11-12

In micro letter in the circle of friends for nearly a week after the fire, network hot words "APEC blue" among the international event.Held on the evening of 10, Beijing APEC welcome party, state President xi jinping, funny to mention the word: "some people say that now Beijing APEC is blue, the blue sky is beautiful and short, after the burst of and the I hope and believe that through unremitting efforts, the APEC blue can keep it up."
Television footage showed after finish this passage, chairman of acquisition, the VIP immediately drew applause and smile.And outside the venue, this period of CCTV video news is many portals headlines, many netizens point praise: "APEC blue" event, very honest.
"APEC" was once available and then spread, largely because it scratched his the "spot" in people's mind, many netizens have imagination, for it gives a lot of jokes, the meaning of banter.But who also have never thought, the "origin" grassroots vocabulary can officially boarded the APEC meeting, become the leader of the world solemnly said: "we are committed to pollution control, strength, unprecedented, I hope can the blue sky in Beijing and even the whole of China, often in the castle peak, green water often in, let the children live in a good ecological environment, it is also the Chinese dream is very important."