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Personalized service achievements hotel "lifeline"

Date: 2014-12-16

Many famousinternational hotelmanagement company and the brand will be Beijing as its key cities in Asia Pacific development. Such a strategy on the one hand, provides a convenient to Beijing for business guests, but on the other hand also intensifies the competition between the hotel. In the face of such situation, the service has become the important "lifeline" of the development of the hotel.
In Beijing marriott hotel group, Beijing r&f Renaissance hotel, Beijing marriott hotel, Beijing hna tower marriott hotel with personalized service to win, highlights the interesting art, tunnels, unique brand characteristics, for the guest of surprise at the same time, pay more attention to the human nature concern.
Beijing marriott hotel general manager Peng Zhuangsheng introduction, like many service businesses, we are faced with the hotel the lack of talents and the problem of insufficient supplement. Especially after the 80, 90, gradually become the main labor force, the hope is engaged in the hotel service industry is relatively small, such as the hotel human resources in the bottleneck. In order to solve this problem hotel has taken many measures, such as cooperating with colleges and universities, the hotel and tourism management students into "marriott orientation class", top management regularly to the college to communicate, share practical working experience; Directional classmates also invited to visit our hotel and to provide internship opportunities for them.
"I go home again"
Beijing marriott hotel general manager Peng Zhuangsheng
Opening date, do have a batch of Beijing marriott hotel city wall fan. The guests said most often is "I have to go home again". This should be the best explanation of our service. Regular ma recently and I chat is talking about a touched his small: this paragraph of time has entered the rainy season in Beijing, he is ready to departure at the gate of the hotel that day riding to walking, our concierge staff actively handed over an umbrella for him, to remind him to forecast it will rain that day, let him bring for a rainy day.
The experience in the full of expectation
Beijing fuli, general manager of Renaissance hotel Pan Xiaoying
Beijing r&f Renaissance hotel mainly business travelers, it also puts forward higher requirements on hotel service, we establish the "emotional connection" with the guests, and excavate the enthusiasm of the guests, and creating a distinctive experience. Renaissance navigator, interesting idea, for example, meetings, living the original sound platform is in order to let our guests enjoy the Renaissance type way of life. In order to meet the needs of the present Renaissance target customer base looking for personalized experience, hotel continue to launch all kinds of activities, including: cooking school, flower arrangement class, life the vowel activities every Thursday.
In addition to the guest, we also welcome the surrounding communities of ordinary residents to join the activity. During the World Cup, the hotel for guests of different nationalities have their own portrait soccer star welcome card, a recent one of the most popular with guests intimate gift.
Personalized surprise
Beijing marriott hotel general manager hna tower Wang,
Hna tower marriott hotel staff will observe the guest's needs, provide personalized service, the experience of guests to feel at home.
Sales and marketing colleagues Laura had a Saudi Arabian embassy banquet activities, specially bought a Saudi Arabia local traditional clothing, and put on that day, the event say hello to every guest, the guests see after very cordial and surprise, the organizers told us after the meeting, this is the so-called extraordinary.
Another time, business travellers after the departure formalities, Mr He find his parcel come to concierge counter. The hotel concierge Jeffrey asked guests to travel this week schedule and email address and recorded. So if we received after can send to him. Two days after we received the guest's mail, after communication with the guest to confirm, we send the parcel to the final destination of guests visit Shanghai bund waldorf astoria. Then, Jeffrey again with Shanghai bund waldorf astoria colleagues confirmed, that they have received the guest's parcel. Jeffrey next to the guest sent an email to tell him the parcel has been safely delivered the waldorf astoria hotel in Shanghai. Mr. He is very grateful, said the hotel service is impressive.