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Beijing hotel supplies exhibition held in June 2015 Nearly thousand exhibitors gathered in Beijing

Date: 2014-10-31

China (Beijing) international hotel supplies exposition (English abbreviation CIHSE), was sponsored by the north star international exhibition co., LTD in north China with the largest scale and highest level of hotel supplies industry event. No.1 in hotel supplies industry in north China. Every year regularly held in Beijing, China!
According to CIHSE organizers, the last four days of the exhibition were ushered from 36 countries and regions, more than 600 exhibitors, 30000 spectators, the exhibition area of 25000 square meters. The organizers of the last exhibition site visit audience and exhibitors to show the satisfaction of tracking statistics, according to the statistical results show that the exhibition exhibitors and visitors in the audience gave high satisfaction and evaluation, and certainly for our service.
Domestic audience for overall satisfaction evaluation of 95% of the exhibition. 79% of people questioned in the audience and the companies reached a cooperation intentions. 97% of the domestic audience said "do" or "might" continue to visit CIHSE2015.
This exhibition overseas audience for the overall satisfaction evaluation of 86%. Overseas audience in the exhibition site visit time to an average of 13.5 hours, roughly two days. Said it plans to continue to visit CIHSE2015 83% of overseas audience.
Domestic exhibitors for overall satisfaction evaluation of 81% of the exhibition. Nearly 70% of the domestic exhibitors in the exhibition to clinch a deal or cooperation intention. 81% of the domestic exhibitors "do" or "might" CIHSE2015.
Foreign exhibitors in the exhibition evaluation of overall satisfaction was 90%. 70% of the foreign exhibitors said at the end of the exhibition, can reach a New Deal for several months. 80% of overseas exhibitors are going to continue to attend CIHSE2015.
Thin CIHSE2014, set sail on CIHSE2015.
The fifth China (Beijing) international hotel supplies exposition (CIHSE2015) ostentatious work has started. The exhibition will be held in June 12 to 14, 2015 in Beijing international conference center (near the bird's nest) grand opening. Rich in content and improve the quality of the exhibition, exhibition CIHSE eight display area to meet your every need. Kitchen equipment and supplies exhibition, hotel furniture and design exhibition, desktop products exhibition, hotel linen and textiles exhibition, hotel IT intelligent electronic products, security equipment exhibition galleries, guest room appliances and supplies, food and beverage exhibition. Will be held during the same period more than hotel supplies industry development peak BBS, outstanding exhibitors/campaign of exhibits and the awards ceremony, seminars, product promotion and other series of activities, will also attract more customers from different countries and regions. CIHSE held to introduce advanced technology, products, business ideas, enhance the competitiveness of industry. At the same time, for the mutual cooperation between enterprises, provide one-stop platform for trade and market occupation.
Unlimited business opportunities, exhibitions, big market
According to the United Nations world tourism organization, China hotel market size by 2025 will surpass the United States, will grow almost double by 2039.
According to the national tourism administration of the development of Chinese tourism industry forecasts, to 2020, 9500-139 million tourists from the entry for the night, the average annual growth rate of 5.7% - 7.75%.
International tourism organization of outlook that by 2020, the world will have 1.6 billion international tourists, China will have 130 million tourists, to become the world's first big immigration countries.
Let's hope the fifth China (Beijing) international hotel supplies exposition (CIHSE2015) wonderful arrival.