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There is cat "security" of Beijing the imperial palace for famous marked

Date: 2014-02-25

The palace floor 32 department, more than 20 received stray cats, and over the past five years, the imperial palace for these stray cats do sterilization set up specialized books, spent 18410 yuan. Currently, the Palace Museum has 181 stray cat to sterilization. The national Palace Museum director ChanJi xiang named one of the "peace", and praised the "security" cat, "with them, more no mice suffered from the Forbidden City."
For some users don't understand the cat sterilization, Brave New World of Beijing small animal rescue centre, said Gao Jianhua, deputy director of the Palace Museum follows the "trap, sterilization, released" referred to as "TNR internationally accepted methods," why want to sterilization, in simple terms, risen geometry for small animals themselves, also means less food may lead to battle, and took the mother cat, multiple pregnancies production will also increase the risk for the uterus."
Cat security the origin of the most legendary have may be the current generation, descendants of the emperor pet cat
Reporters came to Beijing day was sunny, cats in the sun in the Forbidden City in Beijing office. Actually than to visit the Palace Museum in Beijing, the emperor's daily life work and rest, see the stray cats here more rare, because they seldom in the tourist area.
Speaking of this group of the origin of the "employees", the Palace Museum in Beijing YuanRong coco long Ma Guoqing told chengdu commercial daily reporter, the Palace Museum has a stray cat was there for a long time. Palace Museum hospital staff treasure mom tells a reporter, since ancient times, there are many house have a cat. Reporters refer to that in the Ming dynasty "palace" cat, is already reach the limit. Eunuch Liu Reyu in "action in chi nei government duties" recorded: "when the cat's house, nearly waits three or four people, specially feeding command of famous cat, all the sacred heart in love, also higher title charge." When the cat's room is the management of "palace" cat. It is not only the responsibility of the manage a large number of "palace" cat, but also in numerous "palace" cat selection, dedicated to the emperor. The emperor like yourself, the other is a reward to royalty.
Historical change, when the emperor concubines pet house cat has vanished. The Palace Museum officials said, now the Forbidden City's stray cats, may be the offspring of the palace had a cat, part goes in, part is entrained in cat outside visitors, "the palace of stray cats is good, a lot of people know." In the places where used to be the emperor concubines life, these cats still come for free. Until in order to change their living conditions, also the rat utility, let them get along more harmonious and the Palace Museum, Forbidden City people "collected" them.