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Next year's visit to the Korean foreign tourists can avoid hotel surcharges

Date: 2013-12-25

January 1 to December 31, for Japanese tourists visit Korea size reduction, South Korea hotel foreign tourists can enjoy less 10% surcharge.
South Korean media reported that from January 1 next year, to December 31, foreign tourists to pay the hotel accommodation, a 10% surcharge will be deducted;That is to say, the south Korean hotel foreign visitors, can enjoy ninety percent discount.In hotels, for example, 3 days, need to pay 330000 won, in the checkout to receive the invoice, then submitted to the cultural and sports tourism ministry or department, such as tax agency, and you can get 30000 won cashback.
The south Korean government has five times in the past the surcharge exempt foreign visitor accommodation.Analysts believe that as a south Korean tourist market of the big shots of the past, the yen's weakness, the influence of Japanese tourists to visit Korea size shrinking, the south Korean government authorities have used big tax cuts, to attract tourists from other countries.