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The Ming Courtyard (Mingsheng Jiudian) is about a five-minute walk from the Metro Line 5 Beixinqiao station and a 30-minute drive from the airport by airport shuttle buses.

Guests of this Beijing hotel may enjoy dishes at the on-site restaurant or go to the popular food street Gui Jie.

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住客评论 160条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • celine730
    Near dongzhimen, convenient travel. it's in a small alley, not too hard to find. the hotel courtyard-like, quiet, there is a big yard, very comfortable sitting and lying in the yard at night.
  • AngieDong
    Travel to foreign friends can also be quite characteristic of the hotel courtyard features classical decoration prices quite expensive price is not very high.
  • flower_baby
    Early confirmation with the hotel specific address because in Tong, the taxi drivers are not familiar with the road, relying on our navigation in; it was a cosy courtyard, garden-view twin hotel to change 2M big bed room, the rooms are very nice, just don't know whether the room level. Kids adults find their fun in the yard, is recommended.
  • clr3533
    Environment probably situation as other evaluation as, and I live 123 live of is not readily. I call to three bed room then scheduled, to has said no three bed room, on both bed. also said no for. passenger more can understanding, but I live 5 days! I requirements behind days has three bed room of when to I room. didn't people bird I. third days find front desk, only see computer not acting I, then I in table Shang see has notebook Shang registration '123 wants to room, don't acting he', I as customer, requirements forRoom is due interests!123 door is ruins. wet not breathable, stuffy! important of is mosquito more. room within phone is liberation period of, no any Cornet tips. front desk are is boys, service poor, special arrogance. most pulled of is a fat of wearing black box glasses of, then is a thin thin of wear Tang of, completely no Beijing people of hospitality. only enthusiasm of is clean health of Boyle uncle. so, see I this evaluation of when, also please places to 'don't acting he' ofAttitude towards it!
  • DaisyP
    Courtyard environment, there is parking in the yard, bed sleep comfortable, convenient location
  • daydreams
    So so
  • a1160
    Remind you, no air conditioning in the room, only a fan, even if the outside cool, still very hot
  • ca1501
    Hutong entrance there is a good neighbor to the supermarket, it's not convenient
  • bioenergy2009
    Good yard
  • bitwang223
    And we think it's great
  • bugtwo
    Driving into, his family has a compound, you can stop a car, how to die, many foreigners, environment good, according to the waiter, is Temple change. Car drive from the GUI, is very narrow, the big car into. but once you go in, walk to eat yummy easy.
  • e04652903
    Nice surrounding hutongs health is too poor
  • anglen2011
    Exceeds expectations! thought grab a deal with traveling the road one night, didn't think it would be so great! near the yummy, authentic courtyard, seemingly ordinary but very good material facilities, nice! great! awesome!
  • lilingjie82
    Very suitable for traveling, live in quadrangles
  • amiya75
    Downtown in the Peach Garden, nice!
  • e01342875
    Beixinqiao, 'c near the exit, walk hundreds of meters, are relatively hard to find. alley a bit dirty, but the hotel is very clean, very characteristic, will stay again.
  • bear___
    Not too hard to find, from beixinqiao subway station very close, somewhat expensive.
  • bobovip
    The location was excellent, great location, nearby restaurants and high degree of convenience, the overall feeling is, the traffic is very convenient, room was large, advanced facilities and felt it was worth it! Hotel wireless network is very good, breakfast was simple but match nutrition, taste can also travel stay is suitable for highly recommended
  • envjames
    In one alley, antique hotels, very interesting
  • candymara
    Yard nice
  • coolingwind
    Living standard sewer back, others are very good. live's suite no problem.
  • papa6425
    Yes, there were felt in Beijing, small courtyard, features, but slightly far from the subway station, surrounding clutter. but food Street on the West, eating convenience. recommended tours.
  • cruiser187900
    Very good hotel, would like to stay here again next time!
  • nini4
    Very comfortable, quiet, good health condition, to come to Beijing after the first place
  • E00860429
    Convenient to Line 5 subway 6-8 minutes, eating is very convenient, outside of eating and drinking is a street, Dong Zhi men NEI Street, tastes very good, hotel to stand in line applauded Hu.
  • itisme
    In general like, only downside; outside the hotel environment is poor. withered flowers in the yard, not the summer alive.
  • greenrainxin
    Location in the city, is on ghost street alley, no map shall faint! hotel there is a large courtyard, lounge chair or something, ate here, listen to music, play cell phones very well. the Organization of the first night's room air conditioning problems, hum hum so sick, but later called the boss room, overall good.
  • aliciameng
    Health in General, good location, nearby is yummy
  • Eline.
    Hotel was quiet, was in the car is not convenient
  • iamyvonne
    Hiding in an alley in the small courtyard, surroundings very grounded air travel, subway is convenient since driving is just yuck. nearly from the yummy, but I really don't understand how the yummy Sichuan restaurant fire.
  • jbf0501
    Service is poor, owed him money, who admitted to doing to prepare
  • litelite
    A very special hotel, many foreigners live, the whole structure is the courtyard, Hutong, quieter, and pomegranate trees, picked a flight several super sweet wow
  • icy716
    Courtyard of the hotel is very good, quiet
  • lsmxy
    Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel in the alley next to the food court, we lived in was 480 Yuan Courtyard, I feel very good. very quiet. let sleeping couch in the yard in the summer night sky, seems to be back to light outdoor shade when young ... ...
  • Ya Ya
    Internal environment can also, in a quiet, very comfortable
  • gonler
    Garden room, a smell into the room door open use, ventilation opening in a bathroom, sleep has been open for air. the old alley near a dumpster, toilets, fast and doesn't smell in the yard. can I Park, but not easy.
  • littlenanning
    Was great we went to day is Halloween-
  • may820513
    Hotel is clean, it is hard to find!
  • e02162086
    Not far from the subway, but is the alley, apart from the best navigation on mobile phones, so it was very easy to find. Hotel with classical Chinese characteristics of the yard, there are many foreigners stay, nice one.
  • ranf206
    This hotel many times good
  • enne88
    Room damp heavy smell, it is said that 'this is the season. in Beijing.'
  • bbinter
    I feel pretty good, around meals with convenience!
  • alex838
    Yes, the price, the location, good. especially convenient
  • eling07
    Very elegant, very small and quaint courtyard in Beijing, like
  • e03723728
    Hotel main stay of foreigners, though yummy, but the environment is not good, around key was doing catering, hot smelly.
  • paopao805
    Have a taste of old Beijing courtyard house, adjacent to the yummy and convenient. Hutong entrance opposite the yummy Lucas three stores, suitable for cargo haha
  • e00680675
    Good good good good good good good good
  • green_air
    Feel is very general, General
  • e00020806
    Location is located next to the famous yummy, super easy to eat. ten minutes from the subway, living conditions were better, we all like, especially the courtyard! recommended!
  • mdssxty8181
    Yummy flavor, especially toilets at night Dim lighting, red frame, astronomically. continuous ROAR coming from the ears,